Another Story Released

I forgot to mention that this e-book of SF and F fiction was published yesterday (August 9th). It had been available from Amazon’s Kindle shop on a pre-publication basis for a while. If you pre-ordered, you should’ve received your copy. If not, go to Amazon or my Author Page ( to get a copy. My […]

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Another E-Book Contribution Out

I somehow overlooked the fact that another of my stories—a fantasy tale called “Essences” was released yesterday (May 18) by the Bride of Chaos people in their latest e-book of SF/F stories: 9 TALES FROM ELSEWHERE #6. Available exclusively from Amazon for $2.99. This story, involving the magical theft of a sleeping person’s soul (resulting […]

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Free Shipping:

Now through Feb. 16th, offers free regular shipping/50% off the slightly faster ground rate on all books sold. Use the coupon code FEBSHIP when checking out (remember to use all capital letters). No, I don’t work for Lulu, exactly. But one of my short stories appears in an anthology of erotic science fiction stories […]

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Horrors Galore!

I just sold onetime reprint rights to the 9 TALES bunch for their first crime fiction-oriented ebook anthology. About 6 months till that one will be out. Meanwhile, feel free to check my Author Page ( for the array of horror and sf/f anthologies I’m in–including 9 TALES TOLD IN THE DARK 4-8 and 9 […]

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