REVIEWED: Change Agent

Change Agent by Daniel Suarez (Near-Future Techno-Thriller, 2017). In this high-stakes and high-tech thriller Daniel Suarez peers not quite 30 years into the future. He foresees 2045 as a world where a combination of global warming, ubiquitous 3D printing technology, ultra-cheap robotic mechanization and in particular a revolution in genetic manipulation has radically restructured the human […]

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REVIEWED: For love and Glory

For Love and Glory by Poul Anderson. (SF Novel, 2003). Poul Anderson (1926-2001) was one of the last surviving  Big Name Writers of that bunch of authors who gave the world the so-called Golden Age of Science Fiction. He was of the hard-science school of thought overall and won pretty much every award the field had […]

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REVIEWED: Navigators of Dune

Navigators of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. (SF Novel, 2016). The latest in the seemingly endless series of sequels, prequels and spin-offs from the magnificent SF creation of Frank Herbert, Navigators of Dune is set some 10,000 years prior to the groundbreaking classic original. It’s also the concluding volume in a series-within-the-series about the Great […]

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Flesh Eaters by Mark Trimeloni (Sci-Fi/Horror novel, 1997) This self-published first novel has its problems, but also features several unusual and interesting features. In the early stages of their planned conquest of Earth, a bunch of aliens of the body-snatching variety have chosen a rather unusual first target: a community of dedicated nudists. More than […]

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Reviewed: NEW EARTH

New Earth by Ben Bova. (SF novel, 2013). I felt in the mood for a bit of ‘hard science’ via space exploration. Considering the author, this looked like a good bet. After all, Bova is a true veteran (a respected writer/editor in the field with 6 Hugo Awards to his credit). I’ve enjoyed his work consistently […]

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Reviewing: THE WAVE

The Wave by Walter Mosley (Science Fiction Novel, 2006) Best known for the Easy Rawlins detective novels (beginning with the outstanding Devil in a Blue Dress), Walter Mosley has also put out several science fiction books. The Wave  is the third such and capably incorporates what is more typically a horror-oriented theme (the reanimated dead rising) in a […]

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