17 November, 2016 at the Grand Midway

The weekly coffeehouse at the midway opened with… An early discussion of “illegal” (because of not meeting US/California emission standards) foreign cars erupted. Meanwhile, Blair hunted up a selection (well, two) fake artificial legs for somebody’s possible use. Just typical Grand Midway weirdness… A barrage of “corny but funny” jokes developed as the night’s 2nd […]

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October 13 at the Grand Midway

Tonight’s Shangri-La Coffee Lounge got underway with the Johnny Depp version of Sleepy Hollow. Lots of discussion of the merits (or demerits, as the case may be) of the original Dukes of Hazard vs the movie version; various country and metal music artists (special attention to RUSSIAN metal bands one attendee has recently discovered), Bob Dylan’s Nobel Lit Prize […]

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