REVIEWED: Devils & Demons

Devils & Demons edited by Marvin Kaye. (Horror Anthology, 1987). Putting myself in a Halloween mood, I checked this thick (586 pages) anthology out of my local library. The book contains 52 works–mostly short to medium-length horrific fiction, but with a sprinkling of poems and even one short play script. The contents range from old classics […]

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Blast From the Past by Kinky Friedman (humorous detective novel, 1998). Always outrageous and now 71 years old as i write this, Kinky Friedman is–among other things–a country singer (most famous as headliner of the Texas Jewboys), a (playfully radical) political activist and a no-hold-barred satirist who presents fictionalized versions of himself and his buddies […]

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Reviewing: Joseph Andrews

Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding (Satirical Novel, 1742) No, the publication date above is NOT  a misprint. This genuinely humorous antique is the second-most-famous novel by 18th Century English satirist Henry Fielding (His other acknowledged masterpiece, produced a few years later, was Tom Jones–made into a very popular movie starring Albert Finney back in 1963). Both books are […]

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