October 6 at the Midway, Part 2

More chess matches! Debate about heavy metal covers. Walking sticks and homemade Roman sandals (complete with straps to wrap around the wearer’s legs). Ah, all parts of the fun strangeness that is the Shangri-La Coffee Lounge at Windber’s Fabled Grand Midway Hotel. And Blair is consulting with a regular attendee on cover art/design for his […]

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August 11, Part 2

The night’s 3rd movie was Stargate: People coming and going at the coffeehouse (mostly coming in, of late). Porch talk: Various people comparing how well or badly (mostly badly) assorted companies treat their employees. The pulling/towing capabilities of different types of pickups and light trucks were discussed. Others talked about maternity policies of various companies (and […]

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May 19 at the Shangri-La, Part 3

One last report from  tonight’s Grand Midway Coffeehouse night… THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES has just been followed by the inevitable ANCIENT ALIENS’ episode. Meanwhile, I’ve just survived (hardly came close to winning) a marathon game of Cards Against Humanity. Others are carrying on as I write this. Just handed Blair my phone with info on some […]

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Film Review: 12 Years a Slave

Produced in 2013, 12 YEARS A SLAVE is an exceptionally powerful and well-made movie from director Steve McQueen, with an unblinkingly fine script by John Ridley and a wonderful cast headed by Chiwetel Ejiofor. The period details are dead-on and the overall look of the film possesses a realism and a savage beauty that is […]

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