REVIEWED: Chasing Space

Chasing Space by Leland Melvin. (Memoir, 2017). Leland Melvin has led an interesting and high-achieving life. How many people have played pro football (no matter how briefly), become a top-flight engineer, then joined NASA, eventually becoming an astronaut (with two space flights to his credit) and later moving on to a career as a tireless education […]

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REVIEWED: Are You Anybody?: A Memoir

Are You Anybody? by Jeffrey Tambor. (Memoir, 2017). Jeffrey Tambor has built an enviable record of success as an actor. He’s won Emmy and Golden Globe Awards, despite the deep-seated insecurities that he details in this revealing and personal memoir. Of course insecure actors are anything but a rarity. That he attributes his insecurity largely to […]

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REVIEWED: Nevertheless: A Memoir

Nevertheless: A Memoir by Alec Baldwin. (Memoir, 2017). While never quite rising to the level of a “bankable” movie superstar, Alec Baldwin has had an enviable career. He’s won multiple Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, along with being nominated for the Oscar and Tony Awards. And his previous nonfiction book, A Promise to […]

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A Generation Lost: China Under the Cultural Revolution by Zi-Ping Luo (1990, memoir) This extraordinary book details the often harrowing experiences of a bright young woman coming of age in Shanghai, China during the late-1960s/early-’70s’ turmoil of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. The title refers to an entire generation deprived of organized education because of the anti-intellectual beliefs […]

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Novelist and journalist James Conaway’s memoir Memphis Afternoons (published in 1993) is a colorful, strikingly accomplished look back at his remarkable family and at the city he grew up in. It’s alternately poignant and funny, but always absorbingly readable.  The book opens in the 1980s, when Conaway look time from his job at the Washington Post to return to […]

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