Coffeehouse Nights! September 28 at the Grand Midway Hotel.

For the first time in ages, I’m online at the fabled Grand Midway Hotel of Windber for a coffeehouse evening–all courtesy (and thanks!) to a fellow regular–Amber–and her PORTABLE Wi-Fi thingy from Verizon. Just had my first coffee of the evening (Dunkin Donuts Regular Blend). Several other attendees also online (or in one case, simply […]

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Not Gagging On It, Tonight!

Random Fun Fact of the Day: Fake movie blood tastes worse than real blood. Much worse. I know this from personal experience, for indeed that is yours truly: chomping down on rubber prop intestines and said unpalatable liquid in my role as a zombie in Blair Murphy’s Windber-centered low-budget movie, Zombie Dream. For addition poignant, […]

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Special Coffeehouse Tonight

The Shangra La Coffeehouse at Windber Pennsylvania’s famed and fabulous haunted hotel, the Grand Midway will be open tonight, from 6 PM till Midnight. As usual, it’s only $3/person for all the coffee you can drink. Plenty of used books, videos (including copies of the locally produced movie ZOMBIE DREAM), T-shirts and assorted odd gift items […]

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November 3, 2016 at the Grand Midway

Tonight’s coffeehouse opens with a Brad Pitt/Ray Liota gangster movie I’ve never seen…. Pittsburgh area poet Skot Jones is on hand (visiting for a week). Talked with him about a cool-sounding multimedia website (poetry, art, videos, etc) that he’s putting together and hopes to have up by the end of the month. Long train of […]

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20 October at the Grand Midway, Part 2

My battery was exhausted last night, so didn’t get to post it till now. The night’s 3rd dvd movie–Underworld: Rise of the Lycans! Vampires vs Werewolves! As the battle rages, a few people headed home (some cause they had to work tomorrow morning, others to rest up for the weekend’s activities), others stepped outside for […]

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July 7, 2016 at the Grand Midway

Tonight’s Shangri-La Coffee Lounge got underway with multiple DVD episodes of The Munsters playing, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee brewing, and somebody (okay, yours truly) bringing in a batch of wild-picked fresh raspberries for the denizens of our favorite haunted hotel to enjoy. Oh, and here’s yet another still shot from the Zombie Dream movie–filmed here (and at numerous […]

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June 9th, Part 3

I’ve been listening to the Stanley Cup, while THE GREEN HORNET has been playing on teh Coffee Shop screen. Blair has been talking local films with two newcomers who’ve been parts of several area productions–and have given him leads to several that Blair never heard of. So he’ll be busy adding yet more content to […]

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