Not Gagging On It, Tonight!

Random Fun Fact of the Day: Fake movie blood tastes worse than real blood. Much worse. I know this from personal experience, for indeed that is yours truly: chomping down on rubber prop intestines and said unpalatable liquid in my role as a zombie in Blair Murphy’s Windber-centered low-budget movie, Zombie Dream. For addition poignant, […]

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Special Coffeehouse Tonight

The Shangra La Coffeehouse at Windber Pennsylvania’s famed and fabulous haunted hotel, the Grand Midway will be open tonight, from 6 PM till Midnight. As usual, it’s only $3/person for all the coffee you can drink. Plenty of used books, videos (including copies of the locally produced movie ZOMBIE DREAM), T-shirts and assorted odd gift items […]

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October 20th at the Grand Midway

The Shangri-La Coffee Lounge at Windber’s Grand Midway Hotel opened its usual Thursday night session at 5:00 PM. The opening DVD: Stephen King’s ROSE RED. A train rumbled past as Blair outlined my role in the upcoming guided tours of the building (this Friday and Saturday nights). Tonight is the usual $3/person, while the tours are […]

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