REVIEWED: Change Agent

Change Agent by Daniel Suarez (Near-Future Techno-Thriller, 2017). In this high-stakes and high-tech thriller Daniel Suarez peers not quite 30 years into the future. He foresees 2045 as a world where a combination of global warming, ubiquitous 3D printing technology, ultra-cheap robotic mechanization and in particular a revolution in genetic manipulation has radically restructured the human […]

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REVIEWED: For love and Glory

For Love and Glory by Poul Anderson. (SF Novel, 2003). Poul Anderson (1926-2001) was one of the last surviving  Big Name Writers of that bunch of authors who gave the world the so-called Golden Age of Science Fiction. He was of the hard-science school of thought overall and won pretty much every award the field had […]

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Lock In by John Scalzi (SF novel, 2014) I reviewed another book by Scalzi a few weeks ago. That one was part of his Old Man’s War series of space-going adventure. Today I look at his stand-alone/non-series novel Lock In. In this near-future thriller, a strange new disease has reshaped our world. For most people, it […]



I started reading the new (May/June) issue of THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION after last night’s Penguin game. A standout was Brian Trent’s “Last of the Sharkspeakers.” Set on the drawf planet Ceres in the far future, it has to do with the guided evolution of people adapting to living in space (or […]

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