Review Column Published

My contributor copy (and modest yet welcome check) for the January 2018 issue of the SF/F quarterly Outposts of Beyond arrived in yesterday’s mail. Thanks to all the good folks at Alban Lake Publishing! Added thanks for thinking enough of my work to put my name on the front cover! In addition to my review piece about […]

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REVIEWED: Winter of Ice and Iron

Winter of Ice and Iron by Rachel Neumeier (Heroic Fantasy Novel, 2017). This one is a meaty and above average hunk of heroic fantasy adventure writing from a solidly respected pro writer. There are, to be sure, certain elements with Game of Thrones  aspects in evidence. But it would be wildly unfair and inaccurate to dismiss it as […]

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Skelos 3: Now available from Amazon Books!

Here’s the front and back covers of issue #3 of Skelos, a print magazine of weird fiction and fantasy. I’m proud to say I have work here–though my contribution is a mere book review article. But this one is chocked full of a wide range of fiction, poetry and nonfiction from such respected and award winning […]

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REVIEWED: A Game of Ghosts

A Game of Ghosts  by John Connolly (Supernatural Thriller, 2017). This novel, the latest in along line of books centered around a private detective named Charlie Parker, expertly blends multiple genres to very pleasing effect. Parker sees ghosts (including that of his first daughter) and regularly has to deal with other supernatural threats. Meanwhile, he’s […]

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My Review Published in Sci-Fi Magazine!

Outposts of Beyond, a quarterly science fiction & fantasy magazine from Alban Lake Publishing in Iowa, published its 5th Anniversary Issue in July. My long and detailed review article on Neil Gaiman’s latest book is among the featured contents. The issue, available as either a digest-sized print magazine (for $9.00 postpaid) or in e-zine form […]

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