REVIEWED: Some Rise By Sin

Some Rise By Sin by Philip Caputo (Crime/Suspense Novel, 2017). This engrossing, if grim contemporary novel is set in and around an isolated desert  village in the foothills of Mexico’s Sierra Nevada mountain range. Like so much of the country, San Patricio is being torn apart by a brutal drug war of a savagery on a scale that dwarfs even the […]

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REVIEWED: Death of a Ghost

Death of a Ghost by M.C. Beaton. (Mystery Novel, 2017). The above is the 33rd (!) Hamish Macbeth mystery novel by M.C. Beaton; the above is also the 1st of the series that I’ve read. The BBC did a series based on the books in the 1990s (which I’ve never seen, either). Coming in so late […]

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Blast From the Past by Kinky Friedman (humorous detective novel, 1998). Always outrageous and now 71 years old as i write this, Kinky Friedman is–among other things–a country singer (most famous as headliner of the Texas Jewboys), a (playfully radical) political activist and a no-hold-barred satirist who presents fictionalized versions of himself and his buddies […]

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