COFFEEHOUSE NIGHTS: October 19 at the Grand Midway Hotel

A quiet night so far at the coffeehouse of Windber’s fabled Grand Midway Hotel. Blair had to work till 6 PM (which is when it was to open–so I was drafted to come in early and do the prep work). Our lead movie tonight was the great Tim Burton epic Ed Wood–Johnny Depp, the wondrous Martin […]

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Another evening of hot coffee (tonight is Dunkin Donuts regular blend), various hot teas, hot cocoa, etc. First DVD movie tonight is Sinister (one I’ve never seen, so have to check it out). Tonight’s internet connection comes courtesy the portable wi-fi thingie brought by the bright yellow rabbit currently seated at the bar (yes, Amber came in […]

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Not Gagging On It, Tonight!

Random Fun Fact of the Day: Fake movie blood tastes worse than real blood. Much worse. I know this from personal experience, for indeed that is yours truly: chomping down on rubber prop intestines and said unpalatable liquid in my role as a zombie in Blair Murphy’s Windber-centered low-budget movie, Zombie Dream. For addition poignant, […]

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10 Nov. at the Grand Midway, Part 2

Apologies for posting this late. My laptop’s battery was running very low Thursday night and I kind of got into the evening’s 3rd movie (see below, I had never seen this–the Rob Zombie remake of the slasher classic…). Friday was Veteran’s Day and the public library was closed. I did get online briefly, sitting in […]

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November 3 at the Grand Midway, Part 2

Yet another offbeat movie at the coffeehouse: Incomparably strange fun, no? I sip more pumpkin spice coffee. Obscure car models are discussed. One strange person (of many here, thank you very much) announces his special affection for stun guns. Blair told us about getting a couple boxes of weird magical odds and ends donated from […]

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October 27th at the Grand Midway, Part 2

If you haven’t seen an image from last weekend’s guided tours, here is the unholy “Brother James” (me) holding forth beside a photo of the Midway’s most famous ghost, Dear Tragic Martha…   A chess match between costumed ghouls rages, as a tarot card reading takes place and the night’s 3rd movie is the (intensely) […]

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Sept. 22 at the Grand Midway

1st day of Autumn! The decorative tombstones are out front! Inside, I spent a while talking writing with a self-published horror author (who says he’s going to dedicate a future book to me!?). The night’s first movie: Urban Legend! A GIANT Ouji Board pointer arrived here tonight, now standing in the corner (towering over all […]

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