REVIEWED: Sneaky Pie For President

Sneaky Pie For President by Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown. (Satirical/Fantasy/Humor Novel, 2012). Tired of “politics as usual” and–in particular–this year’s mega-toxic Presidential campaign? What better antidote to all this could you imagine than this gently satirical, humorous and kind of charming bit of fun from 4 years ago? And what better time to post […]

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The Cat Who Moved a Mountain by Lillian Jackson Braun (mystery novel, 1992). I think this is the third or fourth in Braun’s series of ‘Cat Who’ books I’ve read over the years. Which only leaves about a million more for me to latch onto (I exaggerate, but only somewhat–it’s a very successful, prolific and fun […]

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July 14th at The Grand Midway, Part 2

For the coffeehouse’s 3rd movie of the evening, Blair went off the (intentional) comedy theme with 300. Attendance was pretty thin tonight (owing to the hot humid temps, no doubt), mostly regulars. I’d been playing with the denizens of the Maison De Meow (the outdoor, 2-story feline play area on the side of the Grand Midway)–or trying […]

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