Free-to-Read Available

My definitely short (961 words) and (hopefully) funny, playfully silly pun story “Creature Feature” is now online at Digital Fiction Publishing of Canada. Free to read! Here’s the link: http://www.digitalfictionpub/quickfic/creature-feature-by-jim-lee-sci-fi/ Hope you enjoy it! Advertisements

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SILLY SCI-FI FUN? Sorry, Not So Much….

Recently saw a sillier-than-most Japanese sci-fi film, ran as a mid-afternoon time-filler on the Comet TV channel. No idea what the original title was, but the dubbed into English version for US release in 1970 was called “Voyage into Space.” Alien saucer from the planet Gargoyle invades Japan’s airspace, fights and destroys 5 fighter planes […]

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