MORE PUBLISHING NEWS: 2020 Off to a Good Fast Start!

We’re just 14 days into the New Year, but 2020 is already looking good for my writing career. As of today, STRANGE STORIES, Volume One, the first of a planned annual anthology series of SF/F/H short stories that includes my “Death of a Controversial Word Wizard” has been published. It’s out in both hardcover and paperback forms. Above is a look at the front- and back-covers!

One BIG book, this–47 writers, over 600 pages. Here are the links to buy:

The hardcover will sell for $44.99 eventually, but is only $34.99 just now as an introductory price from a retailer that’s new to me:

Meanwhile, the paperback version is $34.99 from

The listing will also be added to my personal Author’s Page at amazon in a couple days.

While that’s my first FICTION piece published this year, I’ve already has nonfiction published in addition to my self-published blog posts. I got my contributor’s copy of the PENN WRITER Newletter’s January-February issue last week, including the latest of my regular columns there.

Also last week, I made my first sale of 2020: My story “Our Jack, Reconstituted” will appear at the FLASH IN A FLASH webzine in March.

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