2019: Recap of My Year of Modest Publishing Successes

FICTION PUBLICATIONS: I had 3 new stories published in 2019:

“The Wounded Nark” (SF Story) published in the US-based print/electronic magazine OUTPOSTS OF BEYOND.

“Sarcophagus Birthdays” (SF Story) also in OUTPOSTS OF BEYOND.

“Alien Mating Habits: A Brief Overview” (Satirical SF Story) in the European-based online magazine SCI PHI JOURNAL.

I also had one previously published story REPRINTED in 2019:

“The Seventh Morning” (Humorous F Story) in the print anthology for young readers FROSTFIRE WORLDS, VOLUME 1 (Alban Lake Publishing).


I self-publish 1-3 items per week in my blog, mostly book reviews, along with some film review and assorted other posts (including hopefully interesting news pieces like what you’re reading just now). I also had nonfiction published elsewhere:

2 book reviews at D.M. Draper’s Website (completing my series of guest blogs there on “10 Great Zombie Novels” which began in 2018).

1 book review article in the print/electronic SF magazine OUTPOSTS OF BEYOND.

As I have for some years now, I did 6 Market News columns for THE PENN WRITER, the bimonthly newsletter of Pennwriters, Inc.


3 new stories are scheduled to appear in the following anthologies:

“Not Just There For the Taking” (SF Story) in the ABSOLUTE WAR anthology (British-based 18 Walls Production).

“Death of a Controversial Word Wizard” (SF/F Story) in STRANGE STORIES, VOLUME 1 (US-based 42 Books Publishing).

“The Pride of Kinshasa” (SF Story) in the SUNSHINE SUPERHIGHWAY anthology (US-based Jay Henge Publications).

2 of the above were originally planned to appear in 2019. Note the stylish cover art of STRANGE STORIES below. Striking, no? They’ll just have update the date.

Also reportedly coming sometime in 2020, an AUDIO VERSION of the previously published erotic steampunk SF anthology VALVES & VIXENS, VOLUME 1 (cover of the paperback/e-book editions below). This will include my story “Coming Aboard the Greatest of the Great Ships.”

Also as always, I have other work submitted/awaiting final decisions with numerous publishing outlets all over the world. My first book-length collection is in the very early planning stages (more on this and any other developments as they come about).

And I continue doing freelance editing gigs for nominal fees (contact me at jimlee.author@gmail.com).

Lastly:For a healthy (if incomplete) sampling of my past fiction and poetry publications, visit my Amazon Author’s Page (amazon.com/author/leejim).

Thanks for reading this. Happy New Year and (as always) Write On!

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