PUBLISHING NEWS: Updates, Delays, New Sales & Upcoming Publications

First, an apology for neglecting this blog for almost a full month. A lot of non-writing factors and concerns kept me unavailable.

But now I’m getting back in the swing of things. I did post a book review yesterday (mystery novel fans might take note!) and now I have a ton of accumulated news about my own writing to report (hence this posting).

My lone outside publication in November is my market news column that I do for the bi-monthly newsletter of Pennwriters, Inc.

Everything else I have to report on today are fiction pieces, all previously unpublished.

In December, a satirical SF story of mine, written as if it was a scholarly paper from an alien sociologist is to be published in the online quarterly SCI PHI JOURNAL. “Alien Mating Habits: A Brief Overview” was originally to appear in their previous issue in September. At the last minute, the editors decided it would be a better fit with other work they had coming in the December edition, hence it got postponed. But at least I got my pay as promised in mid-September.

Another new story was also postponed around the same time. A new small press out in Utah had accepted “Death of a Controversial Word Wizard” for the first in a projected annual anthology series, STRANGE STORIES, Volume 1. I’m assured this will appear eventually, though exactly when is uncertain. In any case, I’ve seen the striking cover art (from an artist in Thailand) and I can at least let you all see it (though with the delay, the date on the cover will of course have to be altered):

strange stories #1

I’m told this will be a GIANT book, running 600 or so pages. It should appear in both print and electronic form and I will pass along ordering info, etc. when it is available.

18th WALL, a British press I’ve published with before, reports that they expect to have TOTAL WAR, a tribute anthology to HG Wells’ classic novel WAR OF THE WORLDS out in the Spring of 2020. It will include my story “Not Just There For the Taking.”

Finally, my newest sale is to another new press just starting out. Jay Henge Publications is reading for 3 different themed anthologies. One is called THE SUNSHINE SUPERHIGHWAY and focuses on optimistic SF futures. My “Pride of Kinshasa” has been accepted for it. The editors there report they’re being very selective, but hope they’ll have enough quality material to put the book out in about a year’s time.

Meanwhile, as ever, I keep sending work out. I hope to have more story sales/publications/etc. to report on in the near-future. Thanks for reading my blog!


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