Windber Coffeehouse Nights: 30 May 2019

First an apology: I fully intended to post this recap of last Thursday’s coffeehouse within 24 hours of the event. Other factors intervened, some writer related (like the June 1st deadline on my bimonthly column for the PennWriter newsletter) or other more general life issues.


The first coffeehouse of 2019 was, on the whole, a success–and a lot of fun.

With Blair Murphy on the road for his “day job,” I ran the things for most of the evening. Blair decided that each night should carry a different theme, particularly in the movies on DVD we’d be playing. The opening night’s theme was Horror Classics. Accordingly, the evening kicked off with:


Its blend of cheeky humor, tasteful gore and doomed romance met with general approval by the evening’s first wave of guests.

Overall attendance was okay, particularly considering only minimal advance promotion took place. There was a good mix of longtime friends and interested newcomers.

Synthia took the new folks on a guided tour of the building’s 30-plus rooms (each decorated, as always, in a different style or theme). Ron was also on hand in the newly relocated gaming room (now more intimate and less likely to be disrupted by curious non-gamers). Alas, only a couple would-be role players made it this time. He’ll be back this coming Thursday and we’re confident more of the local D&D/Pathfinder pen & paper gaming crowd will show as the word gets out. The result will surely be all sorts of fantasy adventure campaigning.

The old gaming site is now a sort of living room/sitting room just steps from the bar area. There are an array of comfy sofas, offering at once an inviting, uncrowded and calming aspect. It provides a handy and quiet respite from the sometimes bustling and occasionally loud coffee bar, and the DVD movies playing therein. It’s an inviting place for people who just want to relax and unwind, with or without a mug of coffee or tea or whatever. A couple of the evening’s guests took advantage of its considerable charms.

The evening’s 2nd film presentation was a true Golden Oldie, the ORIGINAL Dracula with Bela L in all his stylishly ghoulish glory!


Without dwelling too much of the financial aspects of a fun evening, we do need to make enough to keep the doors open. Therefore, we’re all doubly glad that the newcomers were so taken by the building’s atmosphere of macabre fun that we sold more souvenirs than usual. Dungeon & Dragons dice sets, DVD copies of Blair’s low-budget film Zombie Dream, a voodoo doll, a couple Midway T-shirts and other items were snapped up, along with assorted cold drinks from those taking a break from hot beverages.

To round out the evening, we went for a great horror/comedy:


The positive tone of the whole evening featured plenty of good conversation as well. In fact, things were going well enough that Blair okayed extending our normal 6-11 PM operating hours to midnight (at least for that evening). With the extra time, I played a fascinating 35-minute “Making of Young Frankenstein” documentary as a bonus when the feature itself had run its uproarious course.

For next Thursday (June 6), we’ll be going in a different direction, in movie theme terms. How does a Sci-Fi Movie night sound? Be there, if you’re in the area. If not, I’ll be reporting on the doings afterward (more promptly this time, I promise!).

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