Various Coming Attractions

As always, I have a number of projects going at once. Hence this blog is in the nature of a ‘head’s up’ for any and all interested parties.

In the next couple days (probably this Thursday), I’ll be posting my review of the 2013 film Lee Daniel’s The Butler here. The_Butler_poster It’s a somewhat fictionalized account of a black man’s experiences working for a succession of US Presidents during the Civil Rights era. Not my usual sort of genre film, but worth looking into.

Thursday evening will be the first Coffeehouse Night of 2019 at the Grand Midway Hotel here in Windber, PA. Owner Blair Murphy’s day job actually extends well into the night, so I’ll be again pinch-hitting for him as Guest Barista for most of the evening (6–11 PM). Entry fee for any in the area is only $3/person and that gets you all the coffee and/or hot tea you care to consume. We’ll be playing an array of summer-oriented horror videos, there will be Midway themed T-shirts and numerous other (generally spooky) gift items for sale, a role-playing D&D type campaign going in one room (under direction of Ron S, our regular gaming master), tarot/crystal card readings, chess and other games available–plus typically interesting folks to chat and relax with. While I’ll be busy supervising the wonderful chaos in this, our town’s beloved haunted hotel, I will again be posting a recap of the proceedings here on my blog site the next day under the usual Coffeehouse Nights title.


I can’t guarantee anybody will be coming in costume this Thursday, but at the Midway you never know….

As a new member of the local library’s Board of Trustees, I’m working on various fundraising activities and will be reporting on progress on that during June.

And in July, my next bimonthly column for The Penn Writer newsletter will be out. Besides that nonfiction column, I have 3 pieces of work scheduled for release in that month’s issue of Outposts of Beyond, a science fiction magazine of Alban Lake Publishing Company. These include a book review column and 2 never-before published SF war stories.

I’ll be sure to pass along additional info on all of these (and any other items of interest) as they develop.

Best regards to all my readers/followers!


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