My Latest Writing/Publication News

Since my previous update: I’ve made my first fiction sale of the new year, had two more book reviews accepted for a fellow writer’s website and had my regular nonfiction column on market news published in The Penn Writer, the bimonthly newsletter of  Pennwriters, Inc. The latter is only available to members of that statewide organization of writers, but is surely only of interest to writers–so I guess everything balances out.

The fiction sale was to FrostFire Worlds, a children’s SF/F magazine put out by Alban Lake Publishing. Entitled “The Seventh Morning,” it’s a talking cat story spiced with a bit of the gross-out humor that many younger readers enjoy. It will be my second time in that magazine and has never been published before. The story will be appearing in the mid-to-late Spring. Alban Lake publishes this, and several other magazines, in both print and e-zine formats. Stubbornly independent, they don’t sell through Amazon. However, I will provide full info on how the issue can be ordered, when it comes out (including a look at the cover art).

The reviews mentioned above are the last two of a series that horror author DM Draper commissioned me to write about for his free-to-read website, Like the other titles in the series, these reviews cover some of the most famed and well known zombie novels ever published.

David Wellington’s powerful tale of a zombie-overrun Manhattan, which develops into a compelling meditation on the extremes people with go to in avoiding death at all costs:

monster isl

And one of the strangest, funniest, most ambitious and just plain strange undead books of all time: Seth Grahame-Smith’s mash-up of classic literature and quirky satire:


Perhaps surprisngly, this one works very well and isn’t a mere cheap exploitation of the Jane Austen original.

For my detailed comments on these and a varied, but mostly very impressive array of other zombie titles, visit and click on the blog button. While you’re there, check out more of the interesting stuff Draper has posted.

As ever, I’ve also been posting book and occasional film reviews here at my own blog site ( I also continue working on various fiction projects. One of those is for an anthology with a submission deadline only 5 days off, so I must close and get to work on finishing my submission.

Best wishes and, as always, Write On!






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