I finally received my contributor’s copy of the Fantasy for the Throne anthology on the Saturday before Christmas. It’s been out for a while, but this gives me a reasonable excuse to remind anyone who might be interested in the book.

Fantasy for throne

This trade paperback collection features 40 short stories by 40 authors. My contribution, based on the mythology of the Haida People, native to the islands off the west coast of Canada is, like most of the book’s stories a reprint. But it appeared so long ago (1993 in an odd little magazine that no longer exists) that few if any will have read it.

It, like a healthy fragment of my published fiction (and even a couple poems) can be purchased from Amazon. My Author Page ( brings together all that I have available from them in a single location.

Hey, if I don’t push my work who will?

More of my fiction, including some brand-new stuff, is forthcoming in 2019. Not all of it is with publishers who sell through Amazon. But regardless, I will alert all who choose to listen as things come out.

I also continue to do nonfiction online. My most recent paid works in that area are an ongoing series of book reviews about zombie novels I’m doing for another writer’s website. Two more have been posted in the past week. These cover The Last Bastion of the Living and The Loving Dead.



They’re wildly different takes on the durable and surprisingly varied walking dead theme. I liked one a lot more than the other. To learn which was which, and read a bunch more zombie-focused nonfiction, visit and click on the blog icon.

Meanwhile, I continue putting out reviews of a wide variety of books (and the occasional film) at my personal blog (check out

Regardless of where online you’re reading this, that site is this particular bit of information’s point of origin.

As always, thanks for reading!

If you so choose, feel free to follow me/friend me/whatever wherever you encounter my random yammerings!


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