Three Review Articles Published

I’ve been doing a series of nonfiction articles, reading and then reviewing selected zombie-oriented books for D.M. Draper’s horror-focused website. Three more of these were posted just this week, with more to come.

If you’re already a fan of zombie fiction and looking for more titles , or if you might be interested but aren’t up on the field, drop by and click on the blog button. There you’ll find my comments on an ever-growing array of some of the best and/or most prominent titles.

The three most recently added include:

ww z

Max Brooks’ fabulous and ambitious novel, written in documentary style (and the basis of the Brad Pitt movie, of course).


Scott Kenemore’s very offbeat and involving novel, narrated by his world’s only talking  zombie and detailing his adventure’s in rural Ohio.

And last but not least:

ex heroes

The first of a popular series in which author Peter Clines effectively mashes-up two entirely separate fantastic genres. Yes, flesh-eating dead folks (here known as Exes, as in Ex-Humans) are rampaging through what’s left of Los Angeles. But in this one, the embattled ‘normal’ humans have actual Superheroes as allies.

Like the first two above, the Clines novel (and it’s several sequels) are available in print form. But my review covers the audio book version in all its full 8-hour, 33-minute glory.

Though they’re all zombie books, these three are quite different from one another. It just goes to show that, in the hands of truly creative writers, one fairly basic concept can be handled in any number of different ways and/or styles.


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