I’ve done a couple freelance review articles for horror novelist DM Draper’s website in the past. But now I’ve been asked to review a number of well-received zombie-focused works. The first two have already been published. Here are the links:




http://www.dmdraper.com/reviews/patient-zero-a joe-ledger-novel/

More such reviews will be forthcoming as are some new fiction pieces accepted for other venues. I will, of course, post info on all my new writing projects as they develop.

On the downside, I should note that Coyote Summer, my short novel of erotic suspense and the only single, book-length work published so far is no longer available. Its Canadian e-book publisher has gone out of business. This happened a couple months ago and I just realized I never reported the fact. So I’m in search of a new home for this adults-only work.

Many people who read this blog seem to follow it mostly for my accounts of my favorite hangout–the weekly coffeeshop at Windber’s Grand Midway Hotel. We haven’t had one for the past few Thursdays, hence no new reports from my funky small town’s wonderfully haunted hotel. With the advent colder weather and the bustling holiday season, it seems unlikely that the owner (the redoubtable Blair Murphy) will have another in 2018. I will, of course, report when it restarts (most probably in the Spring).

Keep in mind that a number of the building’s 2nd and 3rd floor rooms (each uniquely decorated on such themes as the Vampire Suite, the Shakespeare Suite, the Mary Shelley/Frankenstein Room and the Beatnik Room) are still available through AirBnB. Check out the Grand Midway’s Facebook page and /or the AirBnB website for details.

Meanwhile, the Midway had a sort of After-Thanksgiving Feast Sunday evening. This was a private party for about a dozen of the core supporters and friends of the place. Yes, I ate too much–anyone surprised doesn’t know me well enough! It was a lovely evening.

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