Windber Coffeehouse Nights, October 11, 2018

With the rush of final preparations for Saturday’s Dracula Con extravaganza going great guns, I was again doing most of the hosting for the weekly coffeehouse. The massive and gorgeous white coffin that has been converted into a cooler for soft drinks was up on the bar for all to see. Attendance this time out was adequate (hence: not as good as many nights, but better than some). As a warm-up to that upcoming vampire-themed, pre-Halloween Event, tonight’s movie choices were All Classic Vampires/All the Time, beginning with:


Yes, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, with Gary Oldham stylishly creepy in the title role!

Besides watching Oldham seduce winsome Winona Ryder, regulars deployed in various booths and on bar stools played checkers, explored the mysteries of the tarot (both online and in person with our resident expert Syn) and chatted amiably. It was the usual out on the porch, with people taking smoke breaks amid still more pleasant and wide-ranging conversations.

Ron and several of his fellow gamers trickled in. Once enough for assembled for a proper role-playing adventure, they (carefully!) moved the beautiful coffin off the dining room table. That accomplished without incident, they plunged into the task of escaping an imaginary dungeon–while munching Mcdonalds and/or Sheetz takeout food along with the coffee and tea they bought here. After all, one must keep up one’s strength for making daring escapes and fighting supernatural demons….

That amazing decorative display piece would be later returned (equally carefully!) to its place of honor by Syn, Michael and I, the next day. The OTHER beautiful new coffin, displayed atop the Andy Warhol benches in the first floor’s front room, was left undisturbed.

And the night’s 2nd video:

lost b

The Lost Boys flew into view as I enjoyed a steaming mug of coffee with Irish Cream.

Blair Murphy, our glorious leader, arrived about then (9 o’clock, give or take). People kept appearing, one or two at a time. Later still, as Van Helsing bounded onto the screen,

van helsing

several out of town visitors (Scot the Poet from Pittsburgh, Ricardo the Bandleader from Florida, and their significant others) arrived for a long weekend, including of course Dracula Con!


Ricardo’s new band (Seven Shadows) will be performing, so will the fine Pittsburgh band Devilz in the Detailz (greetings to Mike and Julie!) and 2 great local musicians (Tim and John, as seen above). Plus a special midnight showing of the silent classic Nosferatu and many other surprises, so come on down (a mere $5 cover charge) and get Halloween off to a great start!



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