Story Published in New Anthology

My story “Raven’s Last Trick,” a fable-like tale based on the mythology of the Haida Nation of Canada’s Queen Charlotte Island has been republished in an anthology of 40 very short fantasy stories (each designed for reading in a single sitting). Here’s the paperback book’s amusing cover art:

Fantasy for throne

At 2,000 words, my contribution is actually one of the longer entries. Raven is a mischievous trickster God in Haida tradition, more playfully thoughtless and self-interested than actively evil. Yes, he created the world (by accident) and set humans free to live on it (on a whim), but he also caused not one but two Great Floods.

The personification of animals as supernatural beings are common in many Native American traditions. My story recounts a number of his pranks (sometimes helping/other times endangering humans–but always doing so mostly for his own amusement). “Raven’s Last Trick” is primarily about how the Haida People finally wised up and learned not to trust his dubious offering of help. It’s all told in a lighthearted, fun style.

One of my early stories, it first appeared in an obscure magazine called Sozoryoku in 1992.  That was an American publication, from an American editor who simply admired Japanese culture so much he titled his magazine with a Japanese word that refers to creative and imaginative literature.

Others authors featured in the current book include Gregg Chamberlain, Julie Frost, Liam Hogan, Geoffrey A. Landis, Alex Shvartsman and Cynthia Ward, among others. If anybody’s interested, it’s currently available from Amazon (and probably elsewhere) for $12.74.

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