Saving Windber’s Public library

This is an update on the financial challenges faced by the Windber Public Library.

The good news is that, through cost savings, renewed and continuing fundraising, and ongoing grant applications, our library is not in danger of closing in the near future. It will be able to stay open into next summer at least. Thanks to all those who contributed, volunteered and otherwise helped out.

HOWEVER: This is an ongoing process. And while basic operations are assured for the near future, there is still a real need to continue working and to build up a reserve fund for long-term improvements  and expensive preventative maintenance projects (such as lighting and computer upgrades, repainting parts of the building, eventual roof work, etc.).

Please visit the website ( for details about how you can help.

A volunteer group that I’m part of meets at the library’s community room on Thursdays, 5 PM to plan additional fundraising activities and other ways to promote the place. We’re a small group and newcomers are definitely welcome. Come share your ideas and help out!

Visit the library’s Facebook page and ‘like’ it. This may seem a minor thing, but the way Facebook is designed, the more likes a page gets they consider it more popular and the system shares info about it to more people. More likes means more exposure, so just doing that helps get the word out on the many activities, services and benefits the library supplies.

What are these benefits?

If you haven’t been here in a while, here’s a very partial list: Lots and lots of books (of course) available to the public for free, fiction and nonfiction, in all areas and genres, new and classics, and for all ages, including books on audio tape; a nice selection of movies on DVD, also available for free rental; free Wi-Fi as well as access to the library’s own computers; low-cost access to printouts, a fax machine, a photocopy machine; numerous classes (for kids and adults, including basic computer literacy, researching your ancestry, story times for the little ones, meetings of a cookbook/recipe club, a sewing group and lots more–check the website for details on what’s upcoming, schedules, etc).

In short: This fine institution, in what used to be the East Side Elementary Building, can be here for to serve and improve the community for many years to come–if you and yours will just continue to support it. I plan to, and I hope you’ll join me in any and all ways you’re able to!

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