Windber Coffeehouse Nights: July 26, 2018

Clint Eastwood and company were already planning their Escape from Alcatraz when I arrived at the Grand Midway Hotel’s weekly coffeehouse. Interesting caper movie, based on a true story. It had been a moderately hot day and I’d done a good deal of outdoor work, so I started off the evening with a cold drink (Orange Crush). Later, I gave a mug of Plantation Mint tea a try (very nice). For whatever reason, I noted that more flavors of various teas than usual were consumed.

No entirely new people came by this evening, but a decent crowd included the usual regulars, along with others not seen in a while. I made arrangements with Blair (the owner, you know) about picking up his popcorn machine for use at this Sunday’s fundraising event at the Windber Public Library.

An energetic 6-year-old (Hi, Frankie!) proudly showed me his new LeapFrog, complete with lots of games, and romped about enjoying a number of offbeat props–Blair let him keep a glove-like Monster Hand. Meanwhile, his mom (good to see you, Sam!) savored rare time off from work. The young man’s other parental unit (greetings, Ron) joined another veteran gamer in introducing a novice couple to the wonders of paper-based role playing games.

Elsewhere, two people played chess, two more played Yahtzee, several people stepped outside to vape or smoke, and phones got plugged in for recharge. One regular sampled a classic horror novel by Shirley Jackson from Blair’s collection, yet couldn’t get into it.

The night’s 2nd movie on DVD was the Johnny Cash bio pic Walk the Line. Good work from Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, but I’d seen it before and decided to indulge a craving. So I walked to The Rambler and returned with a “medium-size” ice cream cone (blueberry). If you’re not familiar with this ice cream stand, when they say “medium” they mean GIGANTIC with the soft serve piled to dizzying heights. I proudly report it all got consumed before melting away.

Later still, it occurred to me that I was, after all, at a COFFEEhouse. A mug-full of Starbucks Regular Blend with sugar and hazelnut creamer went down well, accompanied by a large roasted peanut candy bar. (Yes, I’d skipped dinner after a larger than usual lunch–however could you tell?)

As always, there was plenty of good conversation. The night’s final film offering was the swirling imagery and over-the-top brutality of Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers. Blair confessed that upon seeing it in a theater back in the day, the rapid-fire editing and breakneck pacing left him emotionally exhausted by the end. A one-of-a-kind film experience, to be sure.

Then I walked home to my (somewhat spoiled) cat demanding a quick snuggle before bedtime and more food in his bowl (horrors, it was only half-full!).



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