Coffeehouse Nights: June 14, 2018

Rushing about for various tasks, so my account of Thursday’s coffeehouse at the Grand Midway is late getting posted. Today (in an hour or so) I’ll be back down there for the attempt to get another World Record (Most People Dressed As Wizards). Last year, we had the redcord for most people dressed as ghosts for about a week–then this college in Ireland beat our total. Better luck this time!


This week’s coffeehouse at Windber’s Grand Midway Hotel was another open mic night, featuring the local musical duo known as The Birddoggs. It coincided with the opening evening of the town’s Miner’s Memorial Weekend. What started out as a single day to honor the local history of coal mining and miners has grown into a weekend, then a 3-day celebration and is now a 4-day community festival built around the area’s heritage and the Father’s Day weekend. Accordingly, the band found itself competing with another live band a mere block away, operating out of the old firehall.

It was too hot to start the evening with staeming coffee, despite the Chicory/coffee blend I’m especially fond of being on offer alongside a pot of Starbucks Regular Blend. So I indulged in a bottle of Minute Maid Lemonade. As the sun descended, I did of course have some Chicory (3 cups worth, with my fave Almond Joy creamer.

After a brief flirtation with one of the Harry Potter flicks (one regular–not I, I should stress–turned thumbs down to sitting through it), Blair went old school with a DVD of the Disney musical comedy/fantasy classic Bedknobs and Broomsticks…


Somewhat bungling novice witch (Angela Lansbury) reluctantly takes in 3 London kids evacuated to her small town to escape the bombs of the World War Two Blitz. Of course she eventually bonds with the youngsters amid a tour of a magical animated land that features talking, soccer-playing Disneyt animals. Back in the “real’ world (Disney version) a squad of German invaders come ashore, the overaged local militia proves ineffective but Lansbury finds her magical touch, bringing suits of armor and oldtime Redcoat uniforms to life to chase off the Nazi baddies. This being a Disney flick from 1971, nobody is killed–not even when a squad of English longbowmen unleash a barrage of arrows at one German infantryman (the arrows pin him perfectly against a tree without drawing a drop of blood). The invaders find it disconcerting to fill advancing suits of sword-welding armor full of machinegun holes without effect and run off. The bumbling oldsters of the Home Guard come charging after, firing a few shots and thinking they’ve saved England. Lansbury’s magic had just given up, the re-animated fighters having collapsed into lifeless piles of oldtime military equipment before the militia’s counterattack.

I good-naturedly kidded Blair that he had a hidden agenda running this film–the extended, frantic and comical multi-species soccer match JUST HAPPENING to being shown on day one of the World Cup.

Otherwise, Blair roped me into being one of his “wizard counters” for his upcoming attempt to set the Guiness Book of Records mark for the most people dressed as wizards in one place. This will be attempted in front of the Grand Midway this Saturday, immediately after the annual Father’s Day Parade. I in turn got him to promise to supply a suitably “strange, fun and magical” basket of items for the local public library’s Summer Bash fundraiser.

I wasn’t the only one who got Blair’s help with a nonprofit venture. Two local psychic researchers came by and Mr Murphy agreed to take part in an event called International Ghost Hunters Day in late September.

The later movie was another comedy, the so-so bigscreen version of the TV sitcom Bewitched


A harmless way to wind down from a pleasant coffeehouse night in my town’s favorite haunted hotel.


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