Coffeehouse Nights: June 7, 2018

Things were hopping at last night’s coffeehouse at Windber, PA’s fabled haunted hotel! It was another open mic night. The funky local musical duo, The Birddogs, performed more of their eclectic covers and a young standup comic Edward Locker (spelling?) made his Grand Midway debut with a set that centered around growing up in the 1990s. Many familiar faces (including several we’ve seen far too little of lately) made it in and there were enough new faces to keep owner Blair Murphy busy conducting informal tours of the historic, 3-story/32 room building.  Syn Berns did tarot readings for 3 people.

The night’s movies on DVD were all comedies, 2 from the Scary Movie franchise:


With one of the Men in Black films thrown in for good measure!

The coffee of choice was Starbucks Regular Blend and proved so popular that Blair supplemented it with New Orleans Chicory Blend (in a separate dispenser, of course).

And there was CAKE! (Free to all interested, as one of the Birddogs was celebrating and one of his supporters generously provided it to all those interested–including yours truly, of course).

It was the best coffeehouse of the new season so far, by far–nice and stimulating mix of the old familiar and the fresh/new.


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