REVIEWED: Secrets In Death


Secrets in Death by J.D. Robb (SF/Mystery Novel, September 2017).

By my count, this is the 43rd (!) novel about the adventures of near-future homicide cop Eve Dallas (and her team, which includes her super-rich onetime thief of a husband). This time out, Eve has been roped into an unwelcome sit-down meeting with Dr. DeWinter (whose scientific expertise will yet again come in handy when a dying woman literally stumbles into view before them). The women has been fatally knifed and bleeds out all over the floor of a fancy Manhattan nightspot (owned, as half of the city sometimes seems to be, by Eve’s semi-reformed rogue of  a husband, Roarke). The victim calls herself Larinda Mars and is the leading celebrity gossip show host of late 21st century New York. It should come as no surprise that the resulting murder investigation reveals that, besides digging up embarrasing dirt on celebs, Mars often blackmails the rich and famous into pay-offs in exchange for silence. Hence, there is an abundance of potential suspects–even some people Eve knows and likes.

As usual, the investigation is an entertaining and complex mystery, well rednered with many compelling characters (series regulars and otherwise), some twists, additional violence, just enough futuristic atmosphere to qualify it as borderline SF, plus the inevitable tension-breaking romantic/erotic interactions between Eve and Roarke. In the end, the murderous culprit proves no huge surprise–but it’s satisfying, nonetheless.

As most readers probably know, Robb is the penname the great Nora Roberts uses for the “In Death” series of near-future crime adventures (she’s also written a ton of other books under her own name). The series shows no signs of losing steam, as far as I can tell.

As usual for this series, it’s a good blend of genres (crime/adventure/SF and even a touch of romance).




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