Mythic Fantasy Story SOLD, Again!

I’m happy to report that I’ve sold reprint rights for another of my older stories. The story is entitled “Raven’s Last Trick” and no, it’s NOT porn (mind out of the gutter, folks!). It’s a fairy tale-like thing based on Native American (or as the Canadians say First Nations) mythology. It tells of the Haida People of the islands off British Colombia and their final encounter with Raven, a playfully obnoxious trickster God who created Earth, humanity and two world floods (mostly by accident).

This story will be appearing in a new anthology that Judith K. Dial and Tom Easton are editing for Gray Rabbit Publications. Entitled FANTASY FOR THE THRONE: ONE-SITTING READS, the book will (as the wry title suugests) consist of short fantasy stories, suitable to enjoy and finish quickly.

“Raven’s Last Trick” first appeared way back in June 1992 in an oddly charming literary magazine called SOZORYOKU. That’s a Japanese word referring to imaginative writing, though the magazine was run by an American editor/publisher who greatly admired Japanese culture. This will mark it’s first appearance since then.

Be assured: I’ll pass along details about this new book, including a look at the cover art when available. For now, it’s just great to have new contracts to sign and return!

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