Review Column Published

Outposts--January 2018

My contributor copy (and modest yet welcome check) for the January 2018 issue of the SF/F quarterly Outposts of Beyond arrived in yesterday’s mail. Thanks to all the good folks at Alban Lake Publishing! Added thanks for thinking enough of my work to put my name on the front cover!

In addition to my review piece about Sylvain Neuvel’s series about a giant war robot, there’s more nonfiction by Eamon Murphy and Robert E. Porter; short fiction from Mike Morgan, Maureen Bowden, Tim McDonald and (again) Murphy; and poetry by Vonnie Winslow Crist, David Kopaska-Merkel, John Grey, Robert William Shmigelsky and K. S. Hardy.

This nice-looking digest is available in e-zine form (for $3.99) or in print ($9.00). These folks are too independent-minded to sell through Amazon, so to get a copy in either format, visit their website. They have a whole fistful of genre magazines (I’ve been in 2 previous issues, with more forthcoming) and quite a number of one-shot books for sale. But here’s a link to take you straight to this latest offering: store.albanlake/com/product/outposts-of-beyond-january-2018/.


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