Act Fast: A Deal on Books from! has a new, short-term offer of 20% off all their print books, plus free shipping by regualr mail (or a discount on slightly faster ‘ground shipping’). All you do is go to their website, pick out the things you want and enter promo code SHIPSAVE20. Offer good till January 25, 11:59 pm EST.

They offer  a wide range of paperback books in many categories. But why am I specifically passing this along? ‘Cause like any author these days, I need to do all I can to promote my own work!

In my case, that includes my erotic android story “Service Stop” in the anthology below…

Sex Droids cover

Sex Droids and their Cyborg Toys was published a few years back by Rogue Planet Books (an imprint of England’s Horrified Press). It’s still in print/still available EXCLUSIVELY in the US from If sexy and sort of funky sci-fi short stories are your thing, here’s your chance to land some at a reduced price!

And even if your reading tastes run to something different, it might be worth your while to check out the rest of the site is offering up for less!

Write (and Read) On, folks!



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