Assorted Writing/Publication News


This post is all about my latest publishing efforts/news. This time out, there’s two book reviews and a short but emotional SF story to discuss.

The image shows the front and back covers of the 3rd issue of Skelos, a print magazine of weird and dark fantasy literature. Its almost 200 perfect bound pages are chocked full of original fiction, poetry, essays, art and reviews. My contribution here is one of the latter and it’s actually been out a couple months (when I posted info on it previously).

So why am I talking about it again? The first contributor copy they sent me seemingly got lost in the mail and the replacement copy only recently arrived. So I’m taking that as a sign (okay, an excuse) to mention it again. The issue is quite nicely done and it still is my most recent print publication (though with more to come soon). Visit my author page: to order this and/or a good selection of my previously published fiction, poetry and nonfiction.


More recently (today, in fact), another of my book reviews has been published as a guest blog on another writer’s website. This one concerns Ramses the Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra–the first-ever collaboration between horror superstar Anne Rice and her son, Christopher Rice (himself a frequently published novelist). It’s the long-promised sequel to Anne’s 1989 novel The Mummy. To view my comments (absolutely free), go to And while you’re there, be sure to check what’s up with draper.

And I finally have some promising info about one of my fiction efforts to pass along. A brand-new and very short SF story of mine (“Our Jack, Reconfigured”) has made it past the first-reader stage at a noted pro-level online publication. The powers-that-be there will make a final buy-or-reject decision within the month and if it’s a go, I’ll definitely make note (i.e. brag shamelessly) about it through this blog.

As ever, I hope you’ll all keep checking this blog for my comments about the wide range of other books I read and review (usually 2 or more per week).      

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