Still More Writing News!


Here’s a first look at issue #3 of Skelos, a horror magazine that’s about to be published. I happen to have a book review in this issue. It’s just one of four different publications I either have work in right now or that I sold material to in the last two days!

For some inexplicable reason, news of my writing successes (large or small–mostly the latter, but they all count) seem to come in bunches. Yesterday, I sold a book review column to the small SF/F magazine Outposts of Beyond for their January 2018 issue. Returning home, I found my contributor copy of latest issue of The PennWriter had arrived via regular mail. I do a bimonthly column reporting on all manner of potential markets for writers.

Then today, I get online here at the local library (no home wi-fi) and see that Skelos (the small horror magazine pictured above) will be publishing the book review they accepted from me a while back. Once they confirmed my Paypal and email address, they sent me my payment via the former and will be mailing my contributor copy to me within days.

Also today: heard back from a science fiction webzine. They’ve accepted reprint rights for a story I sent them (“Children of Sacrifice”). I’ll forward more info on when this one will be out (and provide a link, so others can see/read the story) as soon as I know.

None of these developments involve big money. But this sudden flurry of successes, after a relatively slow month or two, does my confidence a world of good. And money (even in modest amounts) is always welcome.

To any fellow writers out there: Don’t give up and. by all means—Write On!

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