COFFEEHOUSE NIGHTS: November 9, 2017

Seasonably chilly night at the Grand Midway (tomorrow will be much colder, followed by more up/down days). Such is Windber in November (and most of the rest of the year). Anyway…tonight’s first movie is Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Two young regulars were, predictably, debating which of the movie’s several firearms and vehicles featured in the flick…


Early attendees (including myself, natch) got to meet Pan–Blair and family’s new puppy. Very friendly beast.

Meanwhile, a guy from Johnstown who was on the guided tour stopped by. He didn’t recognize me (and others) at first, cause we weren’t in costumes. He says he’s a musician (with a number of musician friends) and would like to revive open-mic nights at the coffeehouse. With cold weather likely to settle in, the coffeehouse may go on hiatus before this can be properly organized and promoted–so maybe early Spring? We shall see…

Blair just passed out random, leftover Halloween candy. Yum, yum. He has an appointment, so I’ll fill in running the coffeehouse for about an hour (ah, POWER!).

A couple unsuccessful contenders for town council back on Tuesday showed up (better luck next time, Mark and Gloria!).

Some talk here about who will/won’t/should or should not die in upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead. Yes, we got that kind of crowd (today as usual).

After the movie: A long, in depth discussion of all sorts of modern music (with iPod delivering lots of good stuff–and some air guitar by one of the regulars). Everything from Insane Clown Posse to Johnny Cash…

One more cup of coffee now and I think I better post this….Good Night to one & all!









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