Coffeehouse Recap, the Day After: November 2, 2017 at the Grand Midway Hotel

My cranky laptop somehow refused accept an offered Wi-Fi signal last night at the Grand Midway, so I’m forced into another day-after report. November 2 was, of course, the last day of the 3-day-long Day of the Dead observance down in southern Mexico (did you know it’s only the last few decades that the tradition has spread to the northern regions–encouraged by the government to add to Mexican national/cultural unity, according to Wikipedia). In honor of that (or maybe just because) several attendees at the weekly coffeehouse brought assorted FREE SNACKS for all there to enjoy with their coffees.

The night’s film offerings were the first two Jurasic Park movies…

There was a good deal of discussion about the annual guided tours of the entire building. This year it will be this Saturday only (November 4)–starting at 7 PM and going till people stop coming in. Cost for this event will be $10/person and this year the World Record-sized Ouija Board on the roof will actually be viewable, thanks to a newly installed set of stairs. There will be coffee available in the bar area (at no extra charge) as well as several Midway-themed t-shirts for sale there (prices on these vary). Groups of 6-10 people at a time will be escorted through the building–each room decorated differently and haunted house-style surprises and historical notes offered at key points.

Last night, regulars such as myself learned about which phases of the event each of us will manage. As last year, I’ll be displaying the 3rd floor shrine to Martha–probably our most famous ghost–and describing how she met her tragic/ghoulish end that July 4th, 1911.

Here’s hoping lots of people come down (and all enjoy themselves)–a bit of after-Halloween fun!

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