COFFEEHOUSE NIGHTS: October 19 at the Grand Midway Hotel


A quiet night so far at the coffeehouse of Windber’s fabled Grand Midway Hotel. Blair had to work till 6 PM (which is when it was to open–so I was drafted to come in early and do the prep work). Our lead movie tonight was the great Tim Burton epic Ed Wood–Johnny Depp, the wondrous Martin Landau, Bill Murray, Jeffrey Jones, Sara Jessica Parker, George ‘the Animal’ Steels as the immortal Tor Johnson, etc., etc. Not totally accurate, of course, but wildly fun….

Wood just met (and was inspired by) Orson Welles-and thus a down-hearted Ed Wood gathers himself, stands up to the money men and completes his (deliciously awful) ‘masterpiece’ Plan 9 From Outer Space!

A few more people have started coming in. And now, tonight’s 2nd movie….Wesley Snipes killing right and left in… the first of the Blade films!


Let the extreme body count begin…. (LOL).

Some news for the Halloween Season: The Grand Midway is organizing another attempt to set a Guinness World Record on the afternoon of Saturday, October 28. This one’s for the most people in ghost costume in one place. Record to beat: 263. There’s no charge, when the new record is confirmed all who take part will get a certificate and the costume requirements are very basic (white bedsheet covering participants head to toe, with 2 eye-holes). Hoping to see lots of you there (at 1 PM).

For tonight, good evening to all….







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