Coffeehouse Nights: October 13, 2017 at the Grand Midway

It’s Friday the 13th and spooky, pre-Halloween things are hopping in Windber, PA! The coffeehouse at the Grand Midway Hotel is open for the evening. A decent crowd so far tonight. The first DVD movie playing here is….The Crow!


Yes, the original, starring Brandon Lee!

Meanwhile, a little shop called THE BLACK RAVEN is having its Grand Opening directly across the street. It’s a magic/witchcraft-oriented place run by a charming part-Native American woman (and a perfect tie-in to the Midway and the looming Halloween Season). I bought a mystical, scented candle that’s supposed to promote an influx of extra money.

Blair showed a group of newcomers around the first floor. Which led into the fact that next Friday and Saturday evening the Midway will be doing the annual guided tours of the entire building. I’m going to be part of it as one of the guides.

Then on the 28th, we’ll try for another world’s record–the most people dressed as ghosts in one place. Ah, Halloween–gotta love it!

Daddy Ron S just officially ‘cut off’ 5-year-old Frankie from additional hot chocolate (sugar rush?).  Mark P showed me some classic records he picked up at an auction. Cards are being played, several people we haven’t seen in a while (Ron, Sam and Frankie S., Melanie R and her husband,, silent film expert Bill E., etc.) made it in tonight. A privately owned black hearse is parked out front on Graham Avenue, adding extra ‘atmosphere’ to the evening.

Uh, oh–Frankie just got hold of  a pair of vampire teeth…

And the next movie: Dog Soldiers!


Military maneuver horror–in the wilds of….Scotland?

And as always, there was a good amount of varied topics discussed/debated. Tonight, this included health care in the US (and other countries), the 2nd Amendment and/or gun regulation, superheroes, paper airplanes and…adult coloring books? Yes, we have a varied lot of folks/interests at the Grand Midway….

Still a couple hours likely to go for tonight, but I think I’m gonna post this now and just enjoy myself for the balance of the evening. Adieu and good night to all concerned!







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