Another evening of hot coffee (tonight is Dunkin Donuts regular blend), various hot teas, hot cocoa, etc. First DVD movie tonight is Sinister (one I’ve never seen, so have to check it out). Tonight’s internet connection comes courtesy the portable wi-fi thingie brought by the bright yellow rabbit currently seated at the bar (yes, Amber came in costume again).

Less than an hour into the evening, I got to conduct a first-floor tour of the place for a young married couple who were fascinated by all the artwork, the stories, the stuffed animals (real taxidermy, folks), Blair’s novels and films, etc.

I’ve agreed to play “Brother James” (weird priest who tells the sad tale of our famous Martha the Ghost as part of the annual pre-Halloween guided tours of the Grand Midway).That will be during the evenings of October 21 and 22 (a Friday and a Saturday). Meanwhile, the weekly coffeehouses are now regularly opening at 6 PM, each Thursday. This accommodates owner Blair Murphy’s ‘day job.’

And tonight’s 2nd movie…the sequel: Sinister 2.


Blair spent most of the 1st two hours tonight folding Dracula Con T-shirts (he’s got a lot of them/plans on seeing how many he can sell during the guided tours.

And Amber corrects me: tonight she is a Pokemon. She and several others of ‘the younger set’ (so says I, the 50-something old fart) have spent a good deal of time tonight debating the relative merits of various actors/series.movies–all horror, naturally.

News: This weekend the Midway will be the site for filming of  new film (not one of Blair’s projects, he’s just allowing others to make use of his fabled haunted hotel as a setting).

Still a couple hours, if anyone in the Johnstown/Windber area cares to drop by and check the place out. Meanwhile, a couple regulars just stepped out in drizzle to go check the work being done on the railroad a block past the Grand Midway and I’m going to save my battery by shutting down after posting this.

Good evening to all concerned!



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