REVIEWED: Dead and Gone

Dead and gone

Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris (Supernatural Horror Novel, 2009).

Yep, picked up another one. Reading these in no particular order (but I’m weird and bounce around so much between genres/favorite authors, etc.).

This one is the 9th novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series (basis for the True Blood TV series) with human telepath and fun lead character Sookie dealing with the usual run of assorted vampires, were-people, witches, fairies and so on (some are good friends, lovers old or new or potential and others…not so much). All running loose in and around her small Louisiana town. What’s there to say, at this point? These books are fun, kind of sexy and moderately exciting.

The series is about as dependable as a good pop-up toaster. Good, reliable, entertaining stuff–though I can’t say it’s ever made me forget any of the true classics of supernatural literature. I like the books enough to keep coming back, picking another up when I run across one I haven’t read yet. Just don’t totally LOVE them.


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