Not Gagging On It, Tonight!

gagging on it

Random Fun Fact of the Day: Fake movie blood tastes worse than real blood.

Much worse.

I know this from personal experience, for indeed that is yours truly: chomping down on rubber prop intestines and said unpalatable liquid in my role as a zombie in Blair Murphy’s Windber-centered low-budget movie, Zombie Dream.

For addition poignant, slightly gross or just plain silly insights into the human (or maybe inhuman?) condition, consider dropping by the Shangri-La Coffee Lounge at Windber’s historic Grand Midway Hotel tonight. It’s open from 6 PM on, admission is only $3/person for unlimited coffee–and the playfully spooky, every-day-is-Halloween vibe of the place.

Much of Zombie Dream was shot in or around the Grand Midway, the surrounding area and other, often highly historic locations. Besides locals like myself, Blair’s contacts allowed him to feature actual pro actors, including Eric Roberts (The Dark KnightThe Expendables) and Butch Patrick (The MunstersThe Phantom Tollbooth). There’s even a cameo by comic book legend Stan Lee in this strange and wonderful little movie about zombies who are as eager to eat your rights and freedoms as your flesh and brains!

Of course, DVD copies will be available here TONIGHT. Blair will be on hand upon finishing his new “day job” after 9 PM; till then, I’ll serve as your host–my new, parttime job.

And yes, I have yet another new writing sale (confirmed this very morning) to brag about!

So come on down for genuine hot beverages that taste a whole lot better than fake blood (or even real blood) and lots more fun.   


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