More Reviews, Elsewhere


Greetings Book Review Readers!

Be advised that, if you just can’t get enough of the words of “wisdom” this slightly weird guy spews forth on his blog (and multiple related places on the Internet), he also sells a few more to other select outlets.

Okay, by “select outlets” I mean any darn place that’ll pay him.

And by “him” I mean ME!

Yes, Jim Lee of Windber, Pennsylvania here. The pic is me in one of my Steampunk phases. And this, if you haven’t already guessed,  is me promoting more of my writings and the places where they appear.

As usual, there is assorted fiction (even a bit of poetry) in the pipeline from various publishers. But today’s focus is on my latest nonfiction (book reviews, specifically).

Less than an hour ago (as I write this), horror writer D.M. Draper posted my latest on his free-to-read website. It’s a review of a new horror anthology by a half-dozen British authors, though our own Stephen King played a key role in getting the book published, as he explains in a typically entertaining introductory essay.

Visit to check that out. This marks the second “guest blog” I’ve done for Draper in the past couple weeks. So if you scroll down after reading that one you’ll next find my comments on the excellent and massive novel The Fireman by King’s son, who writes under the name Joe Hill. (A talent for epic-length books runs in the family, it seems)

Meanwhile, my review of Ann Rice’s most recent Vampire Chronicles novel will be in issue number 4 of the print horror magazine Skelos Press. That won’t be out for a while yet, but I will, of course, provide details when it goes on sale.

And as always, to check out a healthy sampling of my published fiction in various print books, e-books and recent magazines from publishers in the US, Canada, The UK and Australia visit my Author Page:







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