Special Coffeehouse Tonight

The Shangra La Coffeehouse at Windber Pennsylvania’s famed and fabulous haunted hotel, the Grand Midway will be open tonight, from 6 PM till Midnight. As usual, it’s only $3/person for all the coffee you can drink. Plenty of used books, videos (including copies of the locally produced movie ZOMBIE DREAM), T-shirts and assorted odd gift items (anybody need a voodoo doll?) available as well–prices on all these very reasonable. Plus you get to hang out with a clientele of varied/mostly ‘artsy’ type people. Chess and checkers sets always available for customers to use, too.

The décor is weird but playful and friendly: think Halloween all night, every night.

But as any of our regulars can tell you, all this is pretty standard stuff. So what’s ‘special’ about tonight? Well, the Midway’s owner (the intrepid Blair Murphy) has an appointment, so yours truly (published author of all manner of strange, often creepy fiction and ZOMBIE DREAM supporting actor) has been drafted to play host until Blair returns (sometime after 9 o’clock).

Alas, my laptop is still under repair as I write this–so I’m using a computer at the local library just now. So it’s looking unlikely that you’ll get to see any of my real-time blog posts on the ever unpredictable doings at the Midway tonight. But if you’re in the Windber area, you’re looking for an unusual fun experience (and you’ve got 3 bucks for more to spare) come on over and see us! (For further details, directions, etc. visit http://www.grandmidwayhotel.com or look up our Facebook page.)

Hope to see you there!


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