Story & Poem Accepted for Publication

I’m very happy to report that I’ve sold reprint rights to a short story and a poem to the supernatural horror magazine Bloodbond (Alban Lake Publishing) for their November 2017 issue.

“Unnatural Balances,” a story involving flesh-eating ghouls ‘thinning the herd’ of over-populated vampires (who in turn are preying on regular mortals) puts a supernatural spin on ideas related to the ‘balance of nature.’ It first appeared back in 1996 in the Distant Journeys print anthology (Sovereign Seal Books).

The poem “Blood Relations” features siblings (one a vampire, one a werewolf) debating their views of the human race. These two outsiders finally agree: ‘normal’ humans cause more pain and suffering to one another than either of them would ever do. It first appeared in an issue of the print magazine Tales of the Talisman in 2009.

Like other magazines and books from Alban Lake Publishing, Bloodbond puts out both print and electronic versions of each issue. I will, of course, pass along ordering details upon the issue’s release.

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