REVIEWED:Thunder at the Gates

Thunder at the Gates by Douglas R. Egerton (Civil War History, 2016). This is a very well-written, compelling and thorough account of the three pioneering regiments of African-American soldiers raised in Massachusetts during the Civil War (though the men came from all over the country and even several foreign lands). The 54th Massachusetts Infantry was the […]

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REVIEWED: The Double Comfort Safari Club

The Double Comfort Safari Club by Alexander McCall Smith (Mystery Novel, 2010). The eleventh in the series about The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, this book is a charming and delightfully lighthearted kind of/sort of mystery novel. This time out, philosophical detective Precious Ramotswe and her often hesitant but well-intentioned assistant find a road-trip north, to the […]

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REVIEWED: The Swamp Fox

The Swamp Fox by John Oller (Historical Biography, 2016). This is a refreshingly honest and well-written account of a genuine American hero. It’s probably a (moderate) exaggeration to claim that Francis Marion “saved the American Revolution.” But the fact that he was a important and outstanding figure in the War of Independence is beyond debate. A smart, […]

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