January 19 at the Grand Midway Coffeehouse


A special, onetime mid-winter coffeehouse tonight at the fabulous Grand Midway Hotel of Windber! First up in DVD movies: GROUNDHOG DAY.

Sandy Anderson dropped by, but didn’t have time to stay or do tarot readings (had to get home to feed her sweet-tempered 3-legged dog. Did say she enjoyed one of my book reviews (and I got her interested in checking another out).

Multiple people making use of the free wi-fi (I’m not the only one). One insisted I view a “messed up but funny vid”–of a monitor lizard having an unlucky rat for lunch. Oh, boy… Other video themes covered: music, automatic weapons and video shooting games, etc.

Our host Blair, resplendent in his Spiderman hoodie.

Me: swilling my 2nd mug of Dunkin Donuts coffee with Hazelnut creamer (tonight’s other selection is Starbucks Classic Blend). Accompanied by peanut butter cheese crackers.

serious change of pace for tonight’s 2nd video:


War movie with actual Navy Seals? We’ll see how this goes…

Unrelated side note: Yes, this week is warming than usual for here (west central Pennsylvania, if you didn’t know). BUT I can see my breath as I sit here in the booth.

More topics at the Midway tonight: The vulgar wonder that is Gilbert Gottfried, the IPC music empire and why Faygo is great (cheap, tasty–but it does go flat too soon).

Blair’s been telling me about a couple of his upcoming film projects–including a likely role for Syn B (and possible role for me). Fun stuff!



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