REVIEWED: And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer


And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer by Fredrik Backman. (Novella, 2015/2016).

This little book (76 pages, which includes several outwardly simple yet very appropriate illustrations by Ella Laytham) is a heartrendingly beautiful and poignant mediation on losing a loved one to senility. I confess it got to me, bigtime. A series of quietly devastating scenes build a portrait of several generations facing the worst kind of loss–where the cognitive functions fail long before the body fully breaks down.

Yet this is also a brilliantly written book–honest, loving and on a deep, knowing level quite redemptive in the end. The ‘cycle of life’ may be a cliche, but this book strongly conveys the essential truth behind it, as it pertains to family and those we love.

True confession: For a good part of this book, I was sobbing gently as I read it.

Now, that just does NOT happen to me, folks. This novella is quiet and outwardly simple in construction–and simply magnificent.

A quick note about the publication date(s): This labor of pain, love, understanding and artistry by this New York Times Bestselling Author originally appeared in his native Sweden in 2015, the English version (which I read) came out in 2016.

Very, very highly recommended.



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