December 1, 2016 at the Grand Midway

This is it, folks–almost certainly the last Shangri-La Coffee Lounge evening of 2016 at Windber’s Grand Midway Hotel. The night’s first movie…


Very few people on hand so far.On to another comedy….


A few more stalwarts trickled in. Got to chat about old movies and TV shows with various people. Got  a line on  a possible part-time job for extra cash (writing income goes up/down all the time). Blair’s giving away unwanted DVDs. The all-comedy night continues here with…


Checking on the Penguins game via I Heart Radio. Also getting my history geek thing on by checking out You tube for the latest weekly installment of THE GREAT WAR–what was happening in WW I 100 years ago today? Grab a free cookie then on to the evening’s last feature, a romantic comedy that’s new to me…


The Penguins pulled away it what had been a close game to win 6-2. And on that note, adieu and have a fine evening




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