10 Nov. at the Grand Midway, Part 2

Apologies for posting this late. My laptop’s battery was running very low Thursday night and I kind of got into the evening’s 3rd movie (see below, I had never seen this–the Rob Zombie remake of the slasher classic…).


Friday was Veteran’s Day and the public library was closed. I did get online briefly, sitting in the park, but didn’t get around to finishing this blog post. Sooooo…here it goes:

Blair Murphy took several newcomers for tours around the building. Syn Berns did a double tarot card reading for a couple celebrating their First Anniversary (Congratulations, Dee and Aaron). A bunch of us planned an early Thanksgiving get-together that will double as a birthday celebration for a close friend. Our hosts asked each person what single special dish each would like. My selection: Sweet Potato Pie (major yum!).

Attendance this evening was middling. With winter approaching, Blair will (most likely) only be open a relatively few more weeks.Hopefully next week will see more people come out.

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